Employees[edit | edit source]

Conversations with people that have a lower position than you.

He is sleeping![edit | edit source]

  That guy over there... has
  been sleeping for quite a
  It really annoys me... what
  should I do?
  Should I call him and yell?

One of the team members is sleeping.

  • Well, he must be so tired... just let him sleep.
    • Accept
      Boss: "Your team didn't
      finish their project before
      the due date. What are
      you doing here as a team
      Promotion -1%
  • What the hell are you doing!!! When I was at your position!!!
    • Refuse
      Sorry... I'm sorry... OTZ
      Promotion +0.5%

Work Mistakes[edit | edit source]

  Excuse me Manager..
  I have something to tell you.
  I made some mistakes on my
  I'm so sorry.

He is honestly telling me his mistakes.

  • Actually. It's my fault. I didn't really tell you how to do it, sorry.
    • Accept
      Boss: "he's your team, so you are responsible for it!"
      Promotion -1%
  • Submit your apology right now!!!
    • Refuse
      Manager!!!!! :(
      Promotion +%0.5

Buy me a drink[edit | edit source]

  Manager, I just broke up with
  my love... I just can't
  • How about tonight? I'll buy you a drink! (Money -500)
    • Accept
      Manager... :< !!!!
      Promotion +0.5% (Money -500)
  • We have no time for your date! Just go back to work!
    • Refuse
      Manager... :( !!!
      Promotion -1%

No Overtime![edit | edit source]

  Excuse me Manager.
  I don't feel good today...
  Can I leave a little bit early today?
  • Sorry for making you work overtime everyday... You can leave early today!
    • Accept
      Boss: "Why does none of your team work overtime? Are you going to do all the work?"
      Promotion -1%
  • Wow, don't you see that everyone's working, and you wanted to leave? Get back to work!
    • Refuse
       Promotion +0.5%

I want to have a date.[edit | edit source]

  Manager, I have a
  date this weekend... I don't think
  I can work this weekend.
  • No problem. Have a good date! :D
    • Accept
      Thank you!
      (I got yelled at for the slow work
      Promotion -1%
  • What are you doing? Just cancel it!
    • Refuse
      Promotion +0.5%

Wedding[edit | edit source]

  Manager, I'm
  getting married!
  Here's the invitation.
  • Congratulations! Of course I'll be there~ (Money -300)
    • Accept
      Thank you Manager :)
      Promotion +0.5% (Money -300)
  • Don't Go
    • Refuse
      Manager... :-s
      Promotion -1%

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Conversations with people that have a higher position than you.

Happy Company :D[edit | edit source]

  To make a healthy company
  culture, we decided to go
  hiking this weekend!

Vice President suggest hiking. What should I do?

  • I'll bring some fruits!
    • Accept
      That's the spirit! XD
      Promotion +1%
      Health -20
  • Well.. I have to go to the Academy.. this weekend..
    • Refuse
      Huh, you won Lottery or something?
      Promotion -1%

Let me borrow some money...[edit | edit source]

  I need some cash right now,
  but all I have is my credit
  Can i borrow some cash?

Deputy General Manager needs some cash, what should I do?

  • Here you are sir! (Money -50)
    • Accept
      He must've forgotten my money... I'm so broke... :-(
      Promotion +1% (Money -50)
  • Just use your card...
    • Refuse
      Hey hey...<br />Have some sympathy!
      Promotion -1%

Bring me a cup of coffee[edit | edit source]

  Coffee after lunch!
  Bring me one!

General Manager asks me to bring a cup of coffee. What should I do?

  • Get one from Starbucks. (Money -50)
    • Accept
      Haha, you didn't really have to do this... :D
      Promotion +3% (Money -50)
  • Make cheap Coffee.
    • Refuse
      Umm..the taste of sweetness...
      Nothing Changed

Work on Weekends[edit | edit source]

  Urgent call from the uppper
  managment to finish our
  project this week~
  I guess we have to work hard
  on the weekends!

Managing Director asked me to work this weekend. What should I do?

  • I love working on weekends!
    • Accept
      I like your enthusiasm! :D
      Promotion +1%
      Health -10
  • Well.. I have an appointment this weekend..
    • Refuse
      Really...? What are you doing then? Just cancel it!
      Health -10

Wedding[edit | edit source]

  I'm getting married!
  Here, it's my invitation~
  by the way, you don't' really
  have to come if you are too

General Manager invited me to come to the wedding. What should I do?

  • Congratulations! Of course I'll be there (Money -100)
    • Accept
      Thanks, I really appreciate it :D
      Promotion +1%
      (Money -100)
  • I'm sorry.. I have an appointment on that day...
    • Refuse
      All of your co workers promised to come... haha...
      Nothing Changed

Should I call him bro...?[edit | edit source]

  I hung out with my team
  manager last night and had a
  really good time.
  He asked me to call him bro...
  What should I do?

Should I call him Bro...? Or should I not?

  • Team Manager~
    • Accept
      Good morning~! (I guess he doesn't remember...)
      Nothing Changed
  • Bro! :D !!!
    • Refuse
      Are you out of your mind?
      Promotion -1%

Tell the boss I'm at work[edit | edit source]

  (Phone calls)
  Hey um.. I think I'm going to
  be late today..
  Can you tell the boss that I'm
  at work if he asks..?

Deputy General Manager asks me to lie that he's at work.

  • Yes! Sir.
    • Accept
      Thanks! :D
      Promotion +1%
  • I can't find your employee ID card. (You should've come earlier.... :<)
    • Refuse
      You don't know what you are doing, just get me someone who knows what he's doing!
      Promotion -1%

I don't want to go to the work dinner...[edit | edit source]

  We are going to have a
  company dinner tonight, all
  employees must come~
  • I'll reserve the place~!!
    • Accept
      You sure konw what you're doing! XD
      Promtion +1%
      Health -20
  • I have a date tonight...!!!
    • Refuse
      What? Just cancel it!
      Promotion -1%
      Health -20

Flattest Joke[edit | edit source]

  Hey do you know how to
  check if Lady Gaga is dead?
  Po Po Po Poke her face

Senior Managing Director tried a flat joke on me.

  • LOLOLOLOL, that's hilarious XD
    • Accept
      Right? I'll tell you an another joke later~:D
      Promotion +1%
  • ...... what? (Serious Face)
    • Refuse
      You have like, zero sense of humor!
      Promotion -1%

Mom[edit | edit source]

Conversations with your mom

Golden boy[edit | edit source]

  My friend's son bought her a
  nice purse~
  Well.. I'm ok~
  I'm fine with my 10 year old

Mom wants to have a fancy purse, What should I do?

  • Game is on! Purse for my mom! (Money -10 000)
    • Accept
      I'm so proud of you son!!! (feel happy inside)
      Promotion +3%
      Money -10 000 (No longer asks you to buy a new purse.
  • Sorry mom...
    • Refuse
      I'm ok son~ (Sorry mom...)
      Promotion -1%

Mom's call[edit | edit source]

  (Mom calling you.)
  Son, are you coming home
  this holiday?

What should I say to her?

  • Of course I'm coming~ I got a present for you! (Money -100)
    • Accept
      I became happy :)
      Promotion +1%
      (Money -100)
  • Sorry mom... too busy... (Also, have no money...)
    • Refuse
      Cry in a corner.
      Promotion -1%

Other[edit | edit source]

Conversations that don't match any other, like talking to yourself.

A box of doughnuts[edit | edit source]

   I! Found! 
   A box of doughnuts!!!! 
   I love doughnuts... 
   can I eat just...one...?

I found a box of doughnuts. What should I do?

  • Do Nothing.
    • Accept
      Curiosity kills the cat...
      Nothing Changed
  • Open the Box

Airy Potato Chips[edit | edit source]

   I'm in the mood for some
   snacks... want some chips.
   Should I go for it?!

Eat it? or not?

  • Whatever... better go back to work.
    • Accept
      Snacks are too expensive... better not...
      Nothing changed
  • I will eat my chips!

Lottery, that's the only way...[edit | edit source]

  On the way home on Friday...
  I guess winning the lottery is
  the only way to quit my job!
  Should I try?

Should I buy a lottery ticket or not?

  • Buy it! (Money -50)
    • Accept
      I got nothing... well, no suprise.
      (Money -50)
    • Accept
      • *23... 4... Wait. I can't believe it I won the lottery! I still have to go to work though (Money +50,000)
  • Don't purchase
    • Refuse
      Winning a prize isn't enough to quit my job. :(

*Very low chances but does happen randomly

Bring me a cup of coffee[edit | edit source]

  I'm in the mood for a cup of coffee... what should I do~

Want to drink some coffee, what should I do?

  • Make your team do it.
    • Why does he always ask me... :(
      Health + 30
  • I'll make it myself.
    • It's so difficult to make a cup of coffee.
      Health - 20

Student Debt[edit | edit source]

  (Phone call from the bank)
  Hello sir, we called to let you
  know that you didn't pay the
  interest for your student
  loan this month~

The bank called me to pay the interest on my student loans for this month.

  • Pay it all off (Money -20 000)
    • Accept
      I guess no phone calls anymore. Finally!! I'm free!!
      (Money -20 000)
      Student debt paid off
  • Just pay the interest (Money -100)
    • Refuse
      This damn student loan... I can't even imagine paying it all off...
      (Money -100)

I want to buy a car.[edit | edit source]

  I got a job...
  now I want a car...
  Nice cars for cool guys!
  Should I buy it?

Should I purchase a car? or not?

  • Speed for men! buy it!!!! (Money -70 000)
  • Just dreaming...
    • Refuse
      I'm driving the car in my dream.
      Nothing changed

Should I marry...?[edit | edit source]

  My girlfriend started talking
  about marriage.
  But I have nothing to offer...
  Should I marry...?

Can I marry?

  • I'm going to use all my savings! (Money -500 000)
  • Sorry bae...
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